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After an eviction, you may be left with a rental property filled to the brim with junk. Obviously, no new tenants are going to move in when it’s in this condition. Is it time to contact an eviction clean out company? If so, you’ll find the eviction clean outs in Denver, CO you need at Junk-IT.

Affordable Eviction Clean Outs in Denver, CO

Things don’t always end well in the world of Denver, CO rental properties. Sometimes, tenants stop paying rent, trash the property, or adopt other kinds of unruly behavior. When this happens, you’re forced to evict them, and this leads to a need for eviction junk removal. After all, any tenant that you’re forced to evict probably won’t respectfully clean up after themselves on their way out the door. So what’s the solution to this problem? Should you clean up the mess yourself? Why bother with that when you could get a professional eviction clean out instead? Junk-IT is more than happy to provide you with eviction clean outs in Denver, CO!

We are a professional business that puts the customer experience first. When you need a team that works quickly for a fair and affordable price, we’re the clear choice for you. Additionally, we even offer same-day and next-day appointments. Need us to clean out that evicted property as soon as today or tomorrow? You got it, and we’ll be there soon. It’s always our pleasure to be your convenient helping hand!

Why Our Eviction Clean Up Services?

An evicted property that’s been left in a messy state has all kinds of junk items that need to be removed. This includes not only small things such as kitchenware, clothes, and toys, but also large things like sofas, mattresses, and bed frames. You can’t pick and choose what goes during an eviction clean out. It all has to go, and in many cases, this makes do-it-yourself clean outs a huge hassle. So don’t do it yourself! Choose the best company available for eviction clean outs in Denver, CO by choosing Junk-IT, a locally owned and operated business!

There are so many different junk removal franchises out there, but we do everything in our power to provide a better customer experience than they can. Our team is professional and friendly, always treating you with courtesy and kindness. Additionally, they’re also fast. We can make that junk disappear in a flash. What’s more, we’ll do it for a fair, volume-based price. No need to go broke to get rid of clutter.

How It Works

  1. When we’re on our way to the evicted property, we will give you a courtesy call. That way, we can all meet there on time and get your junk removal appointment started right.
  2. Approve our upfront service quote so we can get to work. Our prices are based on how much junk we remove for you and are always disclosed to you upfront.
  3. Next, we’ll load your junk onto our truck and make the evicted property nice and clean again. That way, your next tenants will leap at the opportunity to move in.
  4. Finally, we’ll accept your payment and take the junk away for disposal. Any lightly used items will be donated to organizations like our local Habitat ReStores.

Cleaning Out Evicted Commerical Spaces with Our Business Services


Of course, our eviction clean outs in Denver, CO are a great way to tidy up apartments and houses that have been left in sorry states. However, did you know we are experienced providers of business services as well? If the evicted property in question is a retail outlet, restaurant, office, or another kind of business, then we’re well-equipped and prepared to remove the junk that’s inside. This includes store fixtures, shelves, kitchen equipment, tables and chairs, desks, computers and monitors, and so much more.

We understand that time is of the essence with this sort of work. Your livelihood depends on having a tenant in the commercial space. Additionally, there are many businesses that are probably willing to lease, so you’ll want to make sure the property looks nice for them when they take a tour. We’re ready to provide you with the help you need. We’ll go from room to room, cleaning up all the junk. What’s more, we’ll sweep up for you as well!


Super easy to schedule. Very prompt and professional. I’ve used the big name competitor before and this was much better and less expensive.
Ted Tuerk
Ted Tuerk
18:44 18 Aug 22
Rahmel was extremely pleasant and helpful moving out 2 pieces of heavy-ish furniture. Gabrielle was also fantastic and very responsive in setting up the appointment. Not cheap but super convenient for a senior who didn’t want to bother her kids to help with this heavy lifting.
Housing Manager
Housing Manager
14:48 18 Aug 22
They were able to make a fairly last minute appointment for 7 furniture items. Last minute, I had to change the request for only 2 items. Gabrielle was very quick to keep me updated, when their team was on the way, etc. The guys that showed up were polite and quick. Efficient, no hassle, will use again if needed.
Julia Schaffer
Julia Schaffer
19:27 26 Jul 22
This company responded immediately to our call for junk pick up. We had a huge pile and they were early for their scheduled appointment! Thanks for a great job!!
04:16 06 Jul 22
2 young men was very professional from beginning to end. Got all my junk out in a timely manner and kept a very pleasant disposition while doing so.Will use Junk It in the future again. Thank you.Stacy M.
Stacy Morris
Stacy Morris
20:37 25 May 22
Junk It was great! It was fast and easy to arrange a time to have them come pick up a couch that I no longer needed. I would recommend them for anyone looking for a junk removal service in Atlanta.
Jordan Muschamp
Jordan Muschamp
20:36 18 May 22
Definitely recommend. Ms. Sacco was willing to work with me to get the best price and in a timely manner. The guys were super quick and literally finished cleaning out about half a garage within not even quite 20 mins. There was a little confusion starting out but with a quick phone call, Ms. Sacco had everything handled within 5 mins. Would use again!
21:40 17 May 22
Excellent team! Super professional, availability is flexible and the staff is extra accommodating. Will use again!
Judith Gil
Judith Gil
19:07 26 Apr 22
Gabrielle was wonderful to work with, and clearly stated how the furniture pick up works. We also appreciate the crew for their hard work and speed when picking up. Would recommend to a friend and use again.
Rebecca Feinstein
Rebecca Feinstein
17:42 07 Apr 22
Such a pleasant experience when dealing with the whole company! From the great customer service at booking until the very end followed up by the pick up! The crew is always on time & they work quickly! Again great customer service each visit! And the job is always is completed correctly! I’ve used this company over 10 times and will continue to be a loyal customer! Plus the prices are very affordable! Great company! Keep up the excellent work guys!
Leiaha Boyles
Leiaha Boyles
17:17 09 Feb 22


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