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How do you want to spend your weekend in Aurora, CO? You could go take a dip in the Aurora Reservoir, go shopping, or maybe even stay home and watch television. If there’s one thing you probably don’t want to do, though, it’s junk removal in Aurora. And who can blame you? It’s hard manual labor hauling your junk off your property and to the dump.

Well, nobody ever said Aurora junk removal had to be your problem. Even if you’ve got clutter that needs to go, we know what to do about it. We’re Junk-IT, your local solution to any junk dilemma. That’s because our junk removal services have you covered in any clutter-related scenario!

  • We are well-versed in hauling away people’s junk. This includes unwanted furniture, old appliances, and even broken televisions. Even when it’s heavy, we can haul it!
  • Need a small structure torn down? Then you’ll be glad to know we also provide light demolition services. We demolish sheds, fences, playground structures, and more.
  • Furthermore, we also provide local moving services within our community. Skip some of the stressful moving work and let us provide our muscle!

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Are you interested in joining the Junk-IT team? Opportunities are available to work with our local Denver operation as well as to grow Junk-IT in new locations.

Would you like to be on the Junk-IT Denver team? We’re always looking for talented and hardworking team members to man the trucks, haul junk, and help in the office.
Junk-IT has locations in Colorado, Georgia, and other states. Are you interested in owning your own business and bringing the Junk-IT brand to your community?
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